We all have a purpose in life; we all have a dream. The most important thing is to discover that purpose and fulfill your dream.

What keeps us from acting?

We live in an environment where we’re exposed to multiple influences (both real and imagined) and we can seem to be driven by the opinions of others. Often, we fail to take our own decisions; anxiety about how other people may regard us can prevent us from reaching our full potential. I had long wanted to be a public speaker, but I had always been too shy to talk to groups of people. That meant that there was a contrast between who I was on the inside, and who other people perceived me to be. I spoke in front of people, colleagues and communities in different ways on my journey as a social entrepreneur, but still the fear, lack of confidence and doubt were controlling me. Until I found the right platform, I could never imagine fulfilling my dream of being a public speaker. When I did, it blew my mind, challenged me, strengthened me and lifted me up – all at once! Once I had embraced my journey towards successful public speaking, it was simply a matter of taking the first small but vital steps.

Roadmap to solutions: training your brain to grow

It takes desire, courage, love, passion and compassion to help others, but my challenge was being able to inspire others when I was filled with fear and doubt. I accepted that – just like everyone else – I have a voice and I have a purpose. In the same way that you do, I have a dream and I have a gift that I can use to help others. I could feel that the passion was there – but so too was the resistance.

All these questions made me remember:

• Marie Forleo in her book when she says that “Everything is figureoutable” when we activate our inherent ability to transform our lives and by doing so, instigate meaningful change around us; and
• Brian Rose, Founder of London Real Academy, when he says, “Go where the fear is.”

It doesn’t matter who you are, your status, your age, or how many degrees you have; if you want it, if you need it – go for it! In this regard, my journey to the London Real Academy started when I embraced the course “Speak To Inspire”. It was a big experience and a challenging one but so informative and transformative. A platform where I met wonderful people from different backgrounds, people of different ages and statuses but all with a common purpose: to Speak To Inspire.

Speak To Inspire helped me to acquire the skills that I apply each time I give a speech, and helped me to know more about myself. The platform enabled me to work through my fear and doubt, gain confidence and stand up and talk with pride. My Speak To Inspire journey empowered me to communicate more freely, naturally captivate any audience and channel my deepest emotions to inspire and motivate the people around me. In truth, I used to be someone who couldn’t stand in front of an audience and express my feelings and emotions. Now that I’ve learned how to interact confidently, I have become an avid speaker. A speaker with confidence, zeal and pride.

And I can loudly, proudly assert that everything is “figureoutable”, as Marie Forleo explained so clearly.

Dr Florence Nisabwe
Social Development Mentor