In our recent webinar about Overcoming Inferiority Complexes (which you can watch here), Dr Marco Giannecchini talked us through his simple – yet remarkably effective – 9 step process which can take anyone from their dreams to real results – in other words, it can help you achieve and live the life you’ve always wanted.
Dr Marco calls this his code for success in life. By following these steps, you will not only eliminate the inferiority complex which may be holding you back, but also transform into the best future version of yourself. Why not join us on this walk, develop a healthy “flow” lifestyle and become physically, mentally and spiritually fit?

It’s important to understand that all true and lasting change starts with you. You can only change one person: yourself. But you have the power to completely transform yourself, and by extension, your life. Think of the drop of water in the ocean that causes the tsunami to begin, or the impact of a butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the world…
The first step involves identifying the causes of your inferiority complex. Very likely, it will stem from the fact that you hold the wrong inner beliefs. By eliminating these mental blocks and allowing them to fall away, you can replace them with new, more positive inner beliefs. To do this, you need to achieve a higher level of acceptance by cultivating a peaceful, confident state of mind.

The second step involves you taking a decision to have a new life. Not just any new life, but the new life that you want. This needs to a conscious and firm decision, and you need to visualise every aspect of that new life, both professional and personal. You will look back on this moment as a crossroads in your life, because once you take the bold decision to live your new life, it begins!

This is where you start creating a concrete vision for your extraordinary life and for the future self; the person you’d love to be. You can do this alone, but you may find it more rewarding to work with a life coach or mentor at this stage. Start seeing the details of your new life as a bestselling author, a restaurant owner, a pilot – whatever your dream may be!

Now that you know how your new life – your dream vision life – will look, you need to start thinking about the next best steps to achieve your goals. While many people tend to focus on challenges or problems, you need to train yourself to look rather at solutions. By adopting a solutions mindset, you can activate your own “entrepreneurial genius”. Concentrate on the big idea and get creative and innovative about how you will make it happen.

Now we reach the magic point of our walk. This is where you start feeling your new future as if it were already real. For example, start every day by letting yourself the enthusiasm and pleasure that will come with starting the day as a chef or the owner of a coffee shop.

To make your new life seem even more real, start acting according to the new role you want to have in your life. Start being conscious of the positive impact your decisions have on your current and future life.

Leverage your daily successes and believe in the POWER OF YOUR VOICE. By doing this, you will learn how to constantly improve your empowered voice – and to be the voice for others who have not yet embarked on this journey.

On your walk, you may encounter difficulties or unfavorable circumstances, including negativity from those around you. At these times, you need to be an ambassador for sustainability – in other words, keep on moving on your walk and listen to your own voice, not the criticisms and doubts of other people.

As a human being, you’re a dynamic creature. Like all of us, you exist in a state of flux. You have the power to constantly improve yourself – and your ability to start living and enjoying your new life. Never miss a chance to educate yourself, read, take action, and lead from the front as you encourage others to join you on your journey.
Nine simple steps, but once you’ve taken them, you will be so much closer to living the life you’ve alas wanted – the life you deserve.

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In our latest blog, we learn from Dr Marco Giannecchini about his 9-step walk from dreams to results. If the live you’ve always wanted has eluded you, it’s time to start walking.